What Does The Name El Salvador Mean?


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El Salvador is the name of the republic on the Pacific coast of Central America. The nation is named after the Spanish word for "The Saviour," who is Jesus Christ. The tropical nation has an estimated population of 6.2 million.

El Salvador gained independence from Spain in 1821 and from the Central American Federation in the year 1839. The country witnessed a 12 year long civil war which took the lives of about 76,000 people. The war ended in the year 1992 when the leftist rebels and the government singed a treaty that vouched for political and military reforms.

El Salvador is a region which has been traditionally beset with poverty and a weak tax collection system. The Hurricane Mitch has also impoverished the nation. However things are looking on the bright side for the country in the recent years, as inflation has been reduced to single digits and total export figures have been boosted up.
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It means "The Savior". Which the Spanish named it. I'm From El Salvador So I'm the Expert HERE!!!!!!I come for the Department Chalatenango which mean's "Place of beautiful Women". In the Nahuatl Language.
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Well , it is from the spanish for savior . Or otherwise known as a ' saver' and thats my answer
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El salvador means the savior and chalatenango means "valley of water and sands" not "place of beautiful women" though there are a lot of beautiful women there

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