What Does The Name El Paso Mean?


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When the Spanish Conquistadores were moving North ,towards California,they used the gap between the two Mountain Ranges,Franklin Mountains (Texas) to the north, the Juarez Mountains of Sierra Madre (Mexico) to the continue their drive north.Hence the real name El Paso del Norte,"the pass of the North,
El Paso for short.
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The origin of the name El Paso is unknown. The city lies in the extreme western part of Texas on the Rio Grande in Mexico. The city is quite old, dating back to ten thousand years. The area around El Paso was once made home by settlers in the form of Spanish missionaries, traders and soldiers in the 17th century.

By the look of it, it seems that the name was conferred upon people in sync with the people who first inhabited this place. El Paso is the largest of cities in the US-Mexican border. The first village came into existence in El Paso in the year 1827. It became a part of the US territory in the year 1848. The city has a strong influence of Spanish culture and language. The place currently has a population of 592,000.

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