What Does In Toto Mean?


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In Toto is a Latin term. It means "entirely" or "in entirety". Thus in toto is literally translated as "in all". Totally and completely are some of the synonyms of this word. It is an adjective and refers to an entire thing. It is an adverb and is pronounced as "in-'tO-(")tO".

This term has legal implications too and if a judge accepts a lawyer's argument in toto then it means that he believes in them. Some of the other examples of this term and its usage are "the bungalow was destroyed in toto", "she destroyed the goods in toto". Thus it means totally or altogether.
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It means all encompassing. It's just a fancy way of saying in total.
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Toto means.....something that the girls!! Have its private!!! Thats what toto means and its a spanish (word)!!!!...

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