What Does Figurative Mean?


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The yard was so full that the people felt as if they were in suitcase
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Figurative is an adjective meaning based on or using figures of speech; it generally means metaphorical, such as figurative language. In the sense of language it could thus be used to mean not literal. Similarly it could also be used to mean ornate or containing a number figures of speech. It is thus applied to flowery or florid language. It could mean represented by a figure or could be resemblance; meaning symbolic or emblematic. Figurative has been used to mean of or pertaining to artistic representation by way of human or animal figures. It is also used to mean of definite form or figure.

Thus the term figurative is generally applied to figurative art or figurative language.

The adverb form of the word is figuratively, while the noun form of the same is figurativeness.

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