What Does Diurnal Mean?


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Diurnal refers to being active during day time. It also indicates having a daily cycle or a routine. It is often used in relation with animals or plants. Nocturnal or crepuscular is the opposite of diurnal and it means active during the night time. Diurnal rhythms are also called as circadian rhythms. Diurnal is an adjective. It is something that recurs day after day. It is not active during the night.

There are many diurnal animals and plants. A daily newspaper is said to be diurnal. Its Latin term is diurnus which means day. A mammal is said to be diurnal when it is most active during daylight hours. Voles are an example of such a mammal and it prefers daytime to night. On the other hand animals like cats and birds like owls are nocturnal in nature.

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