What Does Isotonic Mean?


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The term isotonic is an adjective meaning 'of equal tension'. It has also been used as a synonym for the term Isosmotic. It could also mean to have the identical concentration of solutes as that found in the blood; as in 'an isotonic saline solution'. In the field of Physiology it has come to mean of or involving muscular contraction wherein the muscle stays under relatively even tension while its length undergoes changes. It has also come to mean relating to or illustrated by the equal interludes of the well-tempered scale.

The word isotonic comes from the break up of iso- plus the Greek term tonos, meaning tension. Isotonically is the adverb form of the word while isotonicity is the noun form of the same.
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Isotonic means "having equal tension'.

Isotonic muscle contraction is when a muscle remains in constant contraction while its length changes.

An isotonic liquid is a solution that has the same tonicity as another
liquid, resulting in no net flow of water across a cell membrane.

An isotonic beverage is a drink that is "used to replace fluids and electrolytes during prolonged exercise".

The BEST isotonic drink you can buy is coconut water. It comes straight
from a coconut with no added chemicals. Some other isotonic drinks
include Gatorade, Powerade, and Pedialyte.

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