What Does Coeducational Mean?


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Coeducational refers to a system of education or environment which provides education to both genders. Coeducational is the adjective form of the noun coeducation. It is popularly referred to as co-ed education. The noun co-ed in the USA is occasionally used to describe a college student who is female. Prior to the 1960s most educational institutes provided education only to students belonging to one particular sex. It is not surprising therefore that sometime in the history most institutions, especially those that provide higher education, restricted enrolment to a single gender.

In Britain today, most schools are coeducational. The first public school that was coeducational was Bedales School. It went coeducational in 1898 five years after it was founded by John Haden Bradley in 1893. The first boarding school to be coeducational in the UK is probably the Scottish Dollar academy.

In America, the first coeducational institute was the Franklin College in Lancaster in Pennsylvania, It was established in 1787. Its first class had 78 male pupils and 36 female ones. The first Jewish female college student in America Rebecca Gratz was among them. Unfortunately the college was closed for a while owing to financial difficulties.

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