What Does Burden Mean?


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Burden can be something which is physically difficult to carry or emotionally tough to overcome. Burden can also mean a duty, a task or responsibility to take charge of. The word supposedly stems from the old English word "brythen." The perfect example of a burden which was emotionally painful as well as physically difficult to carry was the heavy cross which Jesus Christ had to bear during the crucifixion.

In the law parlance, burden pertains to any kind of restriction on the usage of land including zonal regulations. In poetic language, speech or literature, the central idea or the theme of the passage is referred to as burden or a gist. Burden is also an amount of weight a ship can bear. In musical parlance, a burden refers for chorus or the hum of an instrument. The towns in Kansas US and Luxembourg also bear the name Burden.
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A burden is generally referred to something that is heavy weight, which is not easy to carry. Symbolically, it could also be something that could be really disturbing for an individual. For example, it could be something that is psychologically complicated to put up with, or even some kind of stress, affliction, cross, trial, tribulation or worry. Burden could also be referred to as some kind of responsibility or duty to be preformed. In other words, it could be some kind of access work allotted to you or even in the case of organizing a huge event where most of the responsibility or job is given to you.

Burden is also the weight of a cargo, freight, haul or load that a ship can bear. It is some kind of physical weight taken by a carrier.
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It means to bother them

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