What Does Four Square Mean?


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Four-square is usually spelt as foursquare. As an adjective, foursquare is used to describe something having four sides and four angles. But, the sides are equal in length and the angles also are of equal degrees. A shorter word for foursquare is square. When something is described as foursquare, it also indicates that it is firm and has an indomitable or strong conviction. For example: he expresses foursquare refusal to surrender. Here, the person referred has a strong determination of holding his grounds and is not ready to give up.

Foursquare is also a child's game. It is played by four players each one of whom stands in one of the four boxes on the ground. It is ball game. Some words that could be used for foursquare: box-like, equal-sided, equilateral, boxy, four-sided, orthogonal, quadrate, quadratic, rectangular and quadratical.

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