What Does Congruent Mean?


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The word congruent  means when 2 shapes have the same angles, the same size, same shape, etc.
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Congruent is an adjective which means congruous or corresponding. In geometric terms in particular it is used to mean super-imposable such that it is coincident throughout – that is, congruent figures or concurring figures. It may also be defined as possessing the difference that is divisible by a given modulus. It could mean suitable, agreeing or possessing congruity.

The adverb form of the verb is congruently. The word congruent comes from the Latin word congruens, which is the present participle of congruere. The antonym of the same is incongruent.

A related term is congruence, which in an abstract sense denotes similarity between objects. As opposed to approximation or equivalence, congruence is a relation that entails a kind of equivalence, although not complete equivalence. In cladistics however, congruence is the name of a test of homology.
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This is does not work u could just say equal or not equal! Godh never usin this sight again!
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A congruent is all figures are the same and can stacked up easily.
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