What Does Blushing Mean?


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Blushing means "being rosy red." The term is commonly used on a person when his or her cheeks turn dark pink or reddish because of embarrassment, coyness or modesty. The visible sign of blushing is normally seen on a person's face. It is caused by the sympathetic nervous system working on an overdrive. The sympathetic nervous system regulates the fight or flight response in our body. It regulates the glands without deliberate effort and controls the diameter of blood vessels to the face.

In some people, these nerves are highly sensitive to stress caused by emotions. In a seemingly embarrassing or uncomfortable situation or frame of mind, the nerves cause the blood vessels on the face to open wide, flustering the facial skin with red and causing rosy looking cheeks.
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Essentially, blushing is known as a form of expression that is carried out when a person feels threatened, guilty, or embarrassed.

People with a naturally shy disposition tend to blush more, but that is not a rule set in stone. There is evidence that even if you're a shy person this doesn't necessarily mean that you will always blush at any given moment.

Blushing should be considered a natural function of the body. However, blushing can also become the cause of embarrassment itself which in turn causes a downward spiral - you feel an emotion, you blush, you notice you're blushing and feel embarrassed so you blush more.

The key is to not only accept the fact that you blush and that is natural but to also train yourself to become less self conscious physically and emotionally.

Obviously this may sound like a huge task but it can be done by anyone with the right tuition at hand.

There are some very powerful and effective ways to train the mind to think a certain way and your brain is no different. Such methods include hypnotherapy, counselling and even basic communication with others about your worries or concerns.

The key point to remember during all of this is that whether blushing ever proves to be a useful or meaningful bodily expression for us humans, some are more prone to blush regardless. If you really want to understand what blushing means, it is important not to consider blushing as a weakness and at the same time try to adopt non-drastic solutions like hypnotherapy, confidence building and other similar self help systems so that you can begin to build a stronger, better focused and sharply trained mind.

If you do this, before long you will start to see the world far differently to the way you do today.

When you develop this new you, blushing will struggle to rise to the surface and everything you say or do will carry conviction - leaving no room for self doubt, shyness about who you are, or what you say or do in life in general.

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