What Does The Name Cordova Mean?


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It means hamsun knight
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Cordova means regal, or royal, a very old and powerfull name there are not many Cordovas left around, but those who are alive have ties to the royal family
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Its a city in spain
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Cordova is simply a variant of the Spanish name Cordoba. Research has not yet been able to decipher exactly what Cordoba means. Therefore the meaning of Cordova is also unknown.

Cordoba is a common Spanish and Latin American surname. It is the habitational name of all those who live in the city of Cordoba in Spain which is of ancient origin and unfortunately has unknown etymology.

There are a few places in the world called Cordova. In the Philippines for instance there is a municipality in the Cebu Province called Cordova. In the United States of America too, there are a couple of places called Cordova. There is one in the state of Alabama and another in Alaska. Also the states of Illinois, South Carolina and Tennessee have places called Cordova.

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