What Does Consonant Mean?


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A consonant blend is two or more consonants blended together to make a specific, unique sound.  In English,  "sh" is an example of a consonant blend.
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Consonant means to be in conformity with. For example, comments consonant with my way of thinking.

It may mean equivalent or similar to hear, in the context of words or alphabets. It also means something that is melodious in tone.

It also refers to a sound of speech generated by an incomplete or total blockage of the air stream by any of several different restrictions of the organs of speech, like (r), (h), (p) etc.

A consonant also refers to an alphabet or character denoting such a sound as mentioned above. Consonants are generally categorised as per the place of articulation, for example palate, lips etc. Also, the style of articulation, like stoppages, (total shutting of oral passage) and existence of nasalization and other such characteristics play a part in recognizing consonants.

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