What Does Inert Mean?


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According to the English language, to be inert means to be in such a form or state of doing little or practically nothing. In chemistry, the word inert usually used to illustrate something which is not chemically active.

The noble gases were usually said to be inert as they did not react with any other elements or even with them selves. It was later on stated that the reason that inert gases are entirely inert to fundamental chemical reactions because their exterior valence shell is totally filled with electrons.

With a packed external valence shell, an inert atom is not able to obtain or lose an electron; hence it is not able to take part in any sort of chemical reactions. Fort inert atoms or a molecule, a large amount of energy is implicated before it can merge with other elements to structure compounds.
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Inert is best described as a state in which one is doing very little or nothing at all. Inert is also defined as unable to move or resistance to motion. It may also denote having only a limited capacity to chemically react. It may denote chemical inactivity like for instance 'This is inert matter' or 'this is an inert chemical in the reaction'. It may also be used to denote some form of lazy or slow person for example 'He is so sluggish and inert' or 'She is an inert worker'.

A gas that fails to react with the materials or chemicals that it comes in contact with is called an inert gas. In a product all the ingredients apart from the active ingredient are known as the inert ingredients. Non Toxic waste and building materials are known as inert waste.

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