What Does Valence Mean?


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The term valence is used in biology to define the relative capacity to either unite or to react or to interact, as with antigens or with a biological substitute. In chemistry, the term valence refers to one of the properties of atoms or radicals. The word valence, when used in the context of chemistry, is defined as the combining power of atoms or radicals. It is expressed in terms of the number of atoms of hydrogen which are present in the element, or the equivalent thereof.

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In chemistry it refers to the electrons in the outer most shell f an element.These electrons take part in bonding e.g(Hydrogen,it has one valence electron).The group number of an element on the periodic table,is also the valency number of the element in that group e.g(Group 7 elements have a valency of 7)
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In chemistry the term valence is also used as valency or valency number. It shows the number of chemical bonds formed by atoms. It shows the combining capacity of an atom with another atom. All atoms have to complete their outermost shells according to the law of duplet (two electrons) or octet (8 electrons). If an atom loses one electron to complete its shell then it gets the valence number of +1 and if an atom gains 1 electron then its valence number becomes -1. The number of electrons taken or given is known as valence number and the sign of valency depends upon the capacity to give or take. If an atom takes electron then its valency is negative and if it gives electron then its valency is positive.

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