What Does Crossover Mean?


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Crossover is a noun and it is used to indicate various things. Generally, crossover is a place at which crossing is made. A train can be transferred from one line to another by a short connecting track. This track is called crossover. In genetics, crossover means crossing over where an organism of one species is crossed over with an organism of another species. In this, an exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes takes place. The characteristic that appears in the new organism is also called crossover.

Crossover is a person who is a registered member of a political party and votes the primary of another party. Crossover could also mean a change that one makes from one area to another, especially in the field of entertainment. For example: Few actors have made a successful crossover from TV to movies. Crossover is also used to mean the fact liking, preferring or supporting more than one type of thing or group. The groups referred here are usually considered to be different that from one another.

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