What Does Dago Mean?


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Dago is a noun. It has two plurals dagos and dagoes. It is pronounced as 'dA-(")gO.
Dago is an American English term. It refers to disapproving the term from Italian or Portuguese or Spaniard. It is also called as a derogatory term used in British English.
It refers to the recent immigrants especially Italians and Italians and Italian – Americans culture.

The term was commonly used in the early 20th century. Used as a disapproving term for an Italian, Spaniard, or Portuguese. Dago is now measured to be quite nasty term. The term comes from the fact that a lot of Italian immigrants used to work for a day and then go (day laborers).
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No. This term (slur) is English in origin (not American) and originally applied to Spanish and Spanish speakers only, as it was derived from 'Diego', which is Spanish for 'James'. It seems to have originated in the 16th century when Spain was a serious enemy to England. It spread to include Portuguese and Italians because of the similarity of these languages to Spanish.
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Thats rubbish, why would it be english??? We have a big influx of Spanish workers??? Rubbish! Learn what your talking about !

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