What Does Chad Mean?


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Chad is a boy's name and is derived from the Old English. It is a male name meaning warrior or warlike. The name was originally Ceadda in medieval times but is written as Chad in this day and age. An archbishop of York from the seventh century bore the name Ceadda. It has five different variations as well including Chadd, Chadric, Chaddie, Chadwick and Chadrick. It is also popular as a surname especially in the United States.

Chad is also the name of a country in the center of Africa. It is called Tsad in Arabic and Tchad in French. It is surrounded by Sudan to the east, Libya to the north, Niger and Nigeria to the west and Cameroon and The Central African Republic to the south. The country is entirely landlocked and has made it to the top ten in the list of failed states.

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