What Does My Name Sadie Mean?


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The name Sadie ws originally a pet name or diminutive form of the name Sarah. Sarah is a Hebrew name meaning "princess." THe first mention of it as a name is found in the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis (ch. 17.verse 15.) According to this story, Abraham's wife Sarah was first called Sarai, which in ancient Hebrew may have meant "contentious" or "quarrelsome." God told Abraham to change it to the more promising Sarah, or princess. It has always been a popular name; sometimes it is spelt Sara or even Zara. Sadie (or, more rarely, Zadie as in the writer Zadie Smith) is a less well-known variant than Sally, which used to be very popular. Both Sadie and Sally are now given as names in their own right. It is not sure when the variant "Sadie" first appeared, though it may have been in a nursery rhyme.
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The name 'Sadie' is of Hebrew origin and is a diminutive of 'Sarah' meaning 'princess'. It is pronounced as SAD-EE. It is a female name. It was used as in Independent name in the Early 20th Century. Some of the variants of the name Sadie are: Sada, Sadelle, Sadah, Saidee, Saida, Saidee, Saidey, Sydelle and Sydella. Some other names that sound like Sadie are Sadia, Sade and Zadie.

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