What Does Completion Mean?


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Completion is an act of finishing or "making complete". The word is a synonym for words like complete, conclusion, end, termination, cessation, closure, culmination, finish, wind-up etc. A permanent stop or even a pause can mean completion. When a certain activity or even a particular aspect of that activity is as good as done, it is said to be in completion. In football, a forward pass done well is also known as a "completion." The word was reported to be used in popular English literature in the middle of the 13th century.

A task or a job is always undertaken with the hope that it would be completed well. Just like there is a beginning to everything, there is a completion too. As the phrase goes," nothing lasts forever," but then it is important to work and enjoy an activity or a mission with all the heart and mind, till it lasts or gets completed.

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