What Does Carnal Mean?


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Carnal can be defined as anything relating to bodily appetites especially sexual ones. It is an adjective. For example "to join the priesthood is to relinquish all carnal desires", or "All carnal thoughts emanate from man's baser qualities". Carnal may also be defined as the antithesis of spiritual meaning earthly or worldly. For instance, "the carnal universe". Lastly carnal may mean anything that relates to the flesh or the body.

The noun form of carnal is carnality. Carnality finds much mention in religious discourses and is commonly condemned in the holy scriptures of several religions. This is because carnality is considered to be an obstacle in obtaining a state of oneness with God or a higher degree of spirituality. Carnal desires are what make man human and thus prevent him from ascending the plane of greater spirituality or closeness to the almighty. Carnal knowledge is a euphemism for sexual expertise.

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