What Does Neutrality Mean?


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Neutrality has several different connotations. It could mean non participation in a war or a particular dispute. An example is 'Switzerland remained neutral in the face of war'. It could also denote a lack of interest, a form of aloofness or lack of involvement in a situation. An example is 'After her husband's death, she lived life without zest adopting a neutral outlook on life'. Neutrality in science is the pH value of seven.

Neutrality is most commonly used in association with a conflict whether it is a worldwide conflagration like the two world wars or conflicts on a smaller scale. A neutral country is one which does not align itself with any particular side and refrains from assisting or fighting any one of the participants in the conflict as far as possible.

Neutrality is also a term commonly associated with news reporting agencies like newspapers, encyclopaedias or news channels to name a few. This is because a good agency must always endeavour to maintain a neutral stance. In this sense neutrality indicates the fair an unbiased presentation of facts or viewpoints.

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