What Does Birdie Mean?


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Generally, a small bird is called birdie. If you play golf, you might be familiar with this word 'birdie'. In Golf, a single stroke under par that heads for a hole in a golf court is called birdie. Usually, this is also used as verb in sports like golf. Thus, the word means to shoot or to aim for a hole in golf in a single stroke under par. Example, My friend birdied his chance. This verb takes transitive endings as: -ied,, -ies.

Shuttlecock is thing which has small round piece of rubber that is fitted with feathers or plastic in a conical or crown-like manner. This thing used in paying badminton is also called birdie or even bird. Birdie is also a character in video game series called Street Fighter. This fighting game series was devised by Capcom. Birdie is also a female promotional character used by McDonald's Corporation.

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