What Does AV Mean?


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The most common definition of AV is that it is the acronym for audio-visual media or audio-visual equipment. In other words, AV refers to all those devices that enable a person to use the faculties of hearing and sight more effectively to communicate.

It is also a word used to describe a group of cells that are located between the atria and the ventricles in the human body. They regulate the electrical current. AV stands for antivirus. In other words, an AV is also a computer program that is designed to detect and respond to malicious software. This malicious software may include viruses and worms, which enter computer programs, infect them and corrupt files. The most instinctive responses to this problem are to block the user from accessing the infected files, cleaning the files or systems which have been infected and informing the user that such a program which has been infected by a virus or a bug has been detected on his computer.
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Thank you! I was avoiding any AVs for my computer for a long time, but recently, I have realized how important it is. It protects all my data from being stolen and keeps my computer system clean and safe. And also, several years ago, the prices were higher than now. For example, you can compare Avast antivirus pricing in 2020 at Now it is affordable and easy to be protected!

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