What Does Magnetic Force Mean?


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The force exerted between magnetic poles, creating magnetization is known as magnetic force. According to physics, a magnetic field is that section of the electromagnetic field which put forth energy on a moving charge.

A magnetic field can be created wither by a moving charge or via a varying electric field. In the year 1905 Albert Einstein illustrated that a magnetic field is the relativistic portion of the electric field. When an electric charge is in motion from the viewpoint of an observer, the electrical field of this charge due to space reduction is not evident by the onlooker as spherically symmetric because of non-radial time dilation; hence it must be calculated applying the Lorentz transformations.

The quantum-mechanical movement of electrons in atoms creates the magnetic fields of everlasting Ferro magnets.
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In simple terms, magnetic force is the attractive or repulsive force between magnetic poles. We make use of magnetic force in many areas like motors, dynamos, electric fans, etc...

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