What Does The Surname Cadman Mean?


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The suname Cadman means a warrior or soldier.

The name is of ancient possibly Welsh origin and is one of the category of names which derived from a personal name into a surname.

Prior to the adoption of hereditary surnames the Welsh used the patronymic naming system which eventually evolved into surnames as we know them now.

The first peope to adopt 'fixed' urnames were the wealthier members of society. In North Wales these people tended to take on the names of their estates. Few ordinary people took surnames but in areas of English influence the taking of surnames was more popular.

The name Cadman may have originally developed from the physical attributes of an individual who was strong and warlike and accomplished on the battlefield.

The surname is found in may locations but does have it's roots in the so called celtic areas of Britain
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Cadman is of Anglo-Welsh origin, and its meaning is "battle man." More commonly used as a surname than a first name in the present day.

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