What Does 'Per Sempre Tua' Mean In English?


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‘Per Sempre Tua’ means ‘Forever Yours’ in Italian. ‘Google Translate’ is a brilliant tool on the Internet to translate anything. Simply type in a word, phrase, sentence or even a whole paragraph into the text box on Google Translate. This can be either in your own language or in an unknown language. Click on the language you would like it translating into and it will be translated immediately. This is an extremely useful tool when trying to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language as yourself and it is essential that you communicate a message. The ‘Google Translate App’, can also be downloaded onto your phone to be used in everyday situations. Virtually every language in the world is on Google Translate from Welsh to Afrikaans to Arabic to Chinese and Japanese.
‘Google Translate’ even has an option to ‘Listen’ to the text you have typed in. This is particularly useful if you are unsure of the pronunciation of a word or phrase in a language you are unfamiliar with or still learning. This can help language students a great deal, especially in the ‘Speaking and Listening’ section of the exam as this tool will ensure your pronunciation is correct and will familiarize you with hearing the language.
‘Per Sempre Tua’ is a phrase often used in romantic situations, even by non-Italian speaking individuals. Italian is considered a beautiful, romantic language which is why this romantic phrase is often presented in Italian. Some couples chose to have the phrase engraved inside their wedding rings as a personal touch that is special to them, particularly as it is often unknown to other people so it can feel like a secret message between the couple.
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According to my knowledge of languages, the above phrase is from Italian language. Italian is one of the world's most oldest and most beautiful languages. It is the language of romance, poetry and literature.

The translation of the above Italian phrase in English is as follows:

order Always Yours"

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