How Can I Listen To English From Native Speakers And Understand It Easily?


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This is not an easy thing to do because there are hundreds of different dialect of English in the United States today. However, it may difficult to do, but it is not impossible. When you listening to English speaking people, it is best to concentrate on main words. Listen to the entire conversation and see if you can guess what they are saying by choosing some of the main works from the conversation. If this does not work, you may ask the speaker to speak more slowly so that you can understand them more easily. However, even though they may be speaking slow, when you listen try to pick out the noun and the verb of each sentence. If you can determine the noun and the verb in each sentence, you should be able to easily understand the general meaning of what is being explained.
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Practice by finding children's audio books slightly below your level. They speak clearly and advanced vocabulary will be given in context. 

While doing this, you should focus carefully, try rephrasing (not translating) every few minutes. 

Alternate this type of practice with radio programs, you should to this in a relaxed way, just trying to form a general impression. If its conversation skills you need, watch soap operas too and note body language and visual clues. 

The best speakers/listeners are those confident enough to ask questions such a can you explain  i dont understand the words

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