What Does The Name Keaton Mean?


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Keaton is a girl name too.
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Keaton is both a common surname as well as a first name. It is a first name given to boys. It is an English name and literally means 'the place of hawks'.
As a surname Keaton is hugely popular. In this context it is basically a habitational name from a small area called Ketton which is in Durham or may even be from Keaton which is a place in Ermington in Devon. There are many famous personalities with the surname Keaton- these include Diane Keaton, the American actress most famous for starring in Unfaithful opposite Richard Gere and Olivier Martinez. Buster Keaton is an American actor. Camille Keaton is an American actress. Jonathan Keaton is an American Methodist Bishop. Michael Keaton is an American actor most famous for his role as Batman.
There are also several baby names that sound quite similar to Keaton including Kadon, Kadan, Kaden, Kadin, Cotton, Kaidon, Gaeton and Kaydon.
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This name used to be almost exclusively a surname, but in recent years has become a popular given name for boys in the US. It seems to be generally agreed that it is derived from an Old English phrase meaning "Place of Hawks," "Where Hawks Go" or something similar. One site defines it as "shed town" but all the others seem to go with the hawk idea. In any case "ton" in Old English certainly means place or settlement.

The Old English word for hawk is "havec" or "hafoc" if that helps you in your researches. Shed is "scipen."
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I have recently come across three girls named Keaton... And the "t" is silent.

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