What Is The Meaning Of The Name Darleen?


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DARLEEN is the less common spelling of the modern girl's name DARLENE. This was coined in the 20th century, probably in the USA where it was especially popular. Darlene is based on the affectionate term DARLING (this is derived from the OLd English deor, meaning dear, precious or expensive.)

The -ene ending is one that became popular in the early to mid 20th century. It is mainly Germanic, and its use in the English speaking world was probably partly due to the fame of film star Marlene Dietrich. Other modern names like Charlene also show this influence.

The -een spelling, on the other hand, is originally Irish (as in Kathleen and Maureen.) This variant may have been inspired by the fashion for Irish and other Celtic names in the 20th century. The name Darlene or Darlene seems to be growing less widespread lately, though it can be more commonly found in the US and Australia.
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Darlene is a female name. The origin of the name is Anglo Saxon. You pronounce it as 'dar-LEEN'. The meaning of the name is 'Tenderly Beloved'.

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