What Is The Meaning Of The Name Zidane?


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It's a Berber name. Yes, 'Zizou' is a Berber.
Zîdan: "the delightful"; from the adjective 'azîdan' which means 'sweet', 'delightful'.
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Zidane is NOT of French origin. It is of Arabic origin.

It may be common word in French, but if you are talking about Zinedine Zidane, the soccer player, he is an Algerian Berber. Before France took over Algeria, the native languages of Algeria were Arabic and Berber.
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The first name Zidane does not have any particular meaning. Zidane is quiet a well known name, especially after the former French team captain had this name. Zinedine Yazid Zidane casually known as Zizou, is an ex-French football player.

Zidane played for the French national team as well as for four well known European Clubs. During the 1998 Fifa World Cup finals, Zidane rose to fame by scoring to vital goals against Brazil. He also helped his team bag the Euro 2000 title.

Zidane was selected as the Fifa World Player of the Year on three occasions, 1998, 2000 and also in 2003. Till date the world-record transfer fee of 66 million euros paid in the year 2001 by Real Madrid remains unparalleled. Zidane eventually ended his playing career with Real Madrid.
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Well ... In the arab world there are common names that are 2 of a name ... N I have no clue on earth why is that :) .. But you find names like "hassanein" ... Which is 2 "hassan"s .. And mohamedein ... That is 2 "mohamed"'s ... Zidane .. Pronounced as "zeidan" in different accents is the 2 form of the name "zeid" which is a very common and old arab name ... Zeidan as a family name is existent in egypt, saudi, ... Other arabic-speaking states ...
Ihab Zeidan ...
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Zidane is a name of French origin. It is a surname. It is derived from the French words 'tzigane' and 'gitan' which when translated into English means 'gypsy'. The gypsies in France however have traditionally been excluded from mainstream society because they are reputed to be thieves.

The surname Zidane has been popularized of late by the immensely popular and controversial football player Zinedine Zidane. He was born in 1972 in Marseille in France. He is fondly referred to as Zizou by the French speaking public. He has Kabyle blood in him and his parents originally lived in Algeria. He has played not only for the French national team but also in four different European football teams the last if which was Real Madrid. His career spanned eighteen years and ended in a shameful controversy after the 2006 Football World Cup.

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