What Is Sciatica?


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Sciatica can be extremely painful and it is basically an irritation which affects the Sciatic nerve. It is often associated with pregnancy as there is generally a lot of pressure on the Sciatic nerve at that time. There is usually some pain or tingling involved, most commonly in the lower back and the legs. In mild cases the pain lasts for only a few hours, but whilst you are pregnant it can come and go in more severe cases.

You will know if you have Sciatica by the feeling of cramp in thigh and you may also experience shooting pains down the leg or in the buttocks. The pain can occur either whilst standing up or whilst sitting down, and it does differ in severity in each different person.

Overall it is extremely uncommon in younger people and it only really affects people aged between 30-50. There are treatments available but you will need to speak to your doctor about your options.
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Sciatica patients fell pain at lower back, buttock and legs. These are caused by compression of the sciatica nerve. Pain get worse due to prolong standing or sitting. Patient need not to bend, lift or sit in a soft chair.
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