What Is A Savant?


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A savant is a person with a learning disability such as autism who has a particular gift for mathematics, remembering facts or figures or for music etc.

The term was first coined in 1887 by Dr J. Langdon Down, who first wrote about 'idiot savants'. The term savant means wise or knowledgeable one. So it describes the person who on the one hand is unable to learn and develop, but on the other is extremely clever in one particular area.

The 'idiot' part of the term has now been dropped, due to its offensive connotations. The term savant is still used though.

Savants are 6 times more likely to be male than female and around 10% of autistic children are savants. The film 'Rainman' starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise depicted a savant who was almost a genius at mathematics and figures, but who could not understand day to day life or tasks.
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The question was not about savant syndrome which describes your disease information. It just wanted to know what a savant is.
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Savant comes from the French language and meaning knowing.
A savant is a wise or knowledgeable person.
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Means knowing in french.

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