How Do U Say "I Miss Your Smile" In French?


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I'm French and we say "Ton sourir me manques"
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Je manque votre sourire - I speak french if you have anymore questions just leave a comment
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In french it goes like this:
"I vous manquez lorsque vous sourire"

and in german it is:
"Ich vermisse dein Lächeln"

in spanish it is:
"Extraño tu sonrisa

I hope this was useful!
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I Miss Your Smile can be said in French as Je Mlle votre sourire. Source: Microsoft Translator.
You can use Microsoft Translator for many more translations from English to French. Just type your text in the white translation box and then choose your language. After that click on Translate Text and your translation will appear on the Gray translation box on the right side. Microsoft Translator provides you very good translations for many popular languages like French, Spanish, German, Chinese(Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Portugese and Polish.

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