How Do You Spell 'Paris' In French?


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Paris, as in the capital city of France, is actually spelled the same in both French and English.

The only difference is in the pronunciation: In French, "Paris" is pronounced Pa-ree, but it is not spelt with an accent.
About Paris

Paris is not only the capital of France, but it's also the largest city in the country. It's situated in Northern France and lies on the river Seine. Notable landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, and the Arc de Triomphe, however Paris is also very well-known for its shopping facilities. Paris has a reputation for being a place of romance - for this reason, it's often called the City of Love.

There is something for everyone in France's capital city. Writers and artists find inspiration; great restaurants offer superb French cuisine and fine wines; and some of the world's best shopping lures tourists. It is easy to see why Paris is such a popular tourist destination.

Parisian Nightlife

Nightlife varies from glittering and expensive clubs where the chic and the beautiful get preference to naughty Pigalle and gritty Belleville. Belleville offers the visitor an authentic Paris experience. There are many bars and clubs throughout the city for those who like clubbing or bar hopping. There is a large variety of theatre, opera and music. Be prepared as Paris keeps late hours.

Staying in Paris

Some accommodation in Paris is expensive, but it's possible to find good hotels at moderate prices, especially if you book in advance. The Latin Quarter has great deals on accommodations and food.
For a friendlier reaction from Parisians, dress more formally and speaking a little French helps as well.

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