How Do You Spell Hera In Greek?


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Hear is spelled 'HERA' in Greek. It is properly pronounced as 'Hi-ra'. Hera was a Greek Goddess of marriage. She was married to her young brother Zeus. She was very jealous wife and used to constantly fight with Zeus. She also used to fight Zeus' mistresses and children. She had turned many of Zeus' lovers into animals. She gave birth to Ares and Hephaetus. Her roman counterpart was Juno. Heracles was the enemy and step son of Hera. Hera kept trying to kill Heracles. She was very close to peacocks and cows. You can find many temples of Hera in modern day Greece.
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The proper pronunciation of the name of the Goddess Hera is EEEra not HHHeeera - don't know why the freaking English put an H sound in front of every single word and name which is Greek, that starts with a VOWEL, ..... - that is wrong - for instance the French label Ermes is proper in that there is no freaking HHHHHH and pronounced in French, properly.

So, when you see a word or name which is Greek and there is an H in front of the word or name, it is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Don't know why the English do this but it is incorrect!!!

And yes, there is the Greek alphabet on your fonts - scroll down to the name Symbol and that is the Greek font - hope this helps.
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Greek letters are not like our letters and I can not pronounce them and also the computer can not type them either.

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