What's The Italian Name For Charles?


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The Italian equivalent for the name 'Charles' is Carlo.

The derivation of the name

The name actually derives from the German Karl and spread in popularity throughout Europe during the eighth century through its Latin counterparts Carlus and Carolus.

Well-known people named Carlo

In Italy, its first most notable bearer was Carlo Magno, better known in English as Charlemagne: King of the Franks, and eventual head of an empire that included significant parts of the Italian mainland.

Following Carlo Magno, the name was used numerous times by royalty across Europe.

In its modern form, the name Carlo enjoys huge popularity in Italy- with it currently ranking as the 11th most popular male name.

Notable Italians who share this forename range from Carlo Ciampi (former Italian president) to Carlo Ancellotti (ex-footballer and current manager of the team Paris Saint-Germain).     

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