How Do You Say, 'Enjoy Your Vacation' In French?


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“Enjoy your vacation” is bonnes vacances in French.

“Bonnes Vacances!” Bonnes vacances literally translates as “good vacation,” but it’s used the way we’d say “happy holidays” or “merry Christmas” in English.

You could say passe des bonnes vacances (informal, singular) or passez des bonnes vacances (formal or plural) to wish someone a good vacation, but it’s much more common for people to just say bonnes vacances.

Other Vacation-Related Phrases

  • Tu vas où en vacances? – “Where are you going on vacation?” This uses the informal “tu,” and the sentence structure is a really colloquial and far more common than the où vas-tu en vacances? that they’d probably teach you in French class.
  • C’est les vacances! – “Its spring/summer/winter break!” You don’t need to specify which one!
  • Je vais à Paris pour les vacances – “I’m going to Paris on vacation.” Obviously, you can replace “Paris” with wherever you’re actually going.
  • However, if you’re talking about a country rather than a city – we’ll use “I’m going to France” as an example -  you’d say Je vais en France.

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