How Do You Spell Peach In Different Languages?


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Try this website as well

Japanese - モモ
Korean - 복숭아
Russian - персик
Chinese - 桃子
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The peach is spelled differently in many languages for example peach becomes pesca in Italian or the plural pesche,
the pronounciation is pes ka .
The peche in French, and melocoton in Spanish.
There have been books written about the peach, like James and the giant peach by R Dahl. The peach, considered the most delectable and juicy of all the fruits, is one that has so many varieties, one of which is the nectarine, the smooth skinned variety, with juice that runs onto your hands, delicious.
Peaches, have come a long way from the original species, and now you can have fragrant white peaches, and yellow cling peaches, the ones they use for canning, the list goes on, some have furry skins some not.

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