How Do You Spell 'Matthew' In French?


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Well, if your name’s Matthew in English, it’s still going to be Matthew in French – you don’t need to translate your name just because you’re visiting the country! However, the French equivalent of Matthew is Matthieu or Mathieu.

Origins of the Name Matthew Matthew, Mathieu and Matthieu all come from the Hebrew name Matityahu.

The first person to be given this name – that there’s record of, at least – is Saint Matthew, who was allegedly one of Jesus’s disciples and the author of the Gospel of Matthew.

Matthew in Other Languages

  • German – Matthias or Mathias
  • Italian – Matteo or Mattia
  • Spanish -  Matias, Matheo, Mateo, Matejo, or Teo
  • Arabic – Mattà
  • Danish – Mathias or Mads
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Allyson or alision

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