How To Say, 'Hello' In The French Language?


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Well, this is an easy one - there are several ways to say "hello" in French. They're all easy to pronounce, too . Hope this helps!

  • Bonjour
Bonjour is the French word for "hello". Now, this is a French word that nearly everybody knows, regardless of where they're from! It's also the most commonly-used French greeting. Bonjour translates word-for-word as "Good day," and so you can use it to mean this, too!

  • Bonsoir
Similarly, bonsoir means "good evening". Admittedly, this is commonly said as a goodbye, but you can use it to greet somebody in the evening, too!

  • Salut!
This word is a handy one to know, as can be used to mean either "hi" or "bye" depending on context!

  • Allô?
You might be thinking that this sounds a bit like the English "hello" - that's because it comes from English! In French, allô? is only used as a telephone greeting, though.

There you go - several different ways to say "hello" in French!

Other Useful Phrases
Ca va? = "How are you?"
Ca va bien, et toi? = "I'm fine thanks, and you?"
Au revoir! = "Goodbye!"
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The simplest is bonjour but there are many others depending on the situation, the people involved, and the degree of formality. It literally means "good day."

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