How To Say In Arabic "Rest In Peace Grandpa"? Thank You.


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Online translators have made it very easy for us to convert any text to any language of the world, even if you do not know the language. I have also used an online translator to translate this phrase in Arabic.

Rest in peace Grand-papa: تنعم بالسلام بابا شيخ الأزهر

As Grandpa is not a word in Arabic therefore, I used Grand-papa. Otherwise translator gave the translation of Rest in peace Grandpa as follows:

تنعم بالسلام grandpa

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ترقد في سلام يا جدي

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LOL - it translated Grand-papa to "Sheikh of El-Azhar" who is the president of the University of El-Azhar in Cairo Egpyt (The oldest Islamic university int he world).   There are many ways to say "Rest in Peace" in Arabic, and it depends on where you are from.   Here are a couple of examples:

- Baqa'a LilAllah
- Baqiya fee Hayatak
- Allah Yarhamak
- Rahmat Allah Alayk

then you add "you Jidi" at the end for my Grandpa.

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