I Want To Ask Some Questions In Hindi Language, Where Can I Ask?


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If you are looking for a Hindi version of a question and answer website like Blurtit, the closest I could find is italki.com/questions/hindi, although there seems to be a lot of English users there as well. Why not join up and ask around?

The lack of a Hindi Q&A site is a common theme on the Yahoo forums, and no-one seems to know why there can't be such a site. Perhaps the language barrier is too great, given European languages such as English, do not share the same alphabet as Hindi, Urdu or Tamil.

A Facebook community named G K Hindi Question and Answer might be of help, although it appears to be a group for people preparing for examinations in Hindi, but again it might be a good place to ask around for help.

If you are looking for Q&A sites to help you practice Hindi, then try onlinetyari.com/hindi/question or tamilcube.com. Perhaps you're interested in setting up your own Hindi Q&A site, in which case this YouTube film should be useful:

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