How Do You Say "Sweet And Sassy" In Italian?


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One Italian equivalent to the expression 'sweet and sassy' would be dolce ma tosta.
To best explain this, we can break the expression down into its individual words:

You may be more familiar with this word appearing on the waistband of your best pair of designer underwear, but the word for sweet in Italian is in fact dolce and is shared by the designer Domenico Dolce (one half of the legendary fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana). The word is derived from the Latin dulcis and is pronounce [dol-chey] in Italian.

Tosta is one way to describe someone who is impertinent, insolent and a little bit saucy. You could also use the word sfacciata [sfatch-at-ah].to exress these qualities.

However, the word 'sassy' can convery many meanings, so if that's not the type of sassy you're looking for, read on!

If you need to describe someone as being lively or bubbly then you might want to opt for something like vivace (lively) or energetica (energetic).

For something classy and stylish, like a 'sassy' Miu Miu handbag you'd probably have to make do with the English loan-word chic (incidentally, dropping the occasional English word is considered very trendy by Italians.)

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