How Do You Say Sweet In Spanish?


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Dulce is the translation of sweet in Spanish. This can be used in your sentence.

Using translation tools online, you can find the translation to most words in many different languages.

Although English is the overall most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish is the most popular first language. Because Spanish is so widely spoken across the globe, it is taught in many colleges and schools.

If you are looking to learn Spanish, you will easily find different Spanish schools in your city as it is so widely taught. These courses will be taught at times that are convenient for adults such as evenings and weekends while in larger cities, there will even be courses that you will be able to attend in your lunch break so that there is always a time that you can squeeze them in.

If you do not have the opportunity to do this, there are also many different ways that you can learn Spanish that may take up less of your time. These are good for people wanting to learn for a particular holiday or wish to learn how to talk about a particular subject in Spanish. Learning on your own, however, will usually take longer and you will not have many people to practice your spoken skills with.

  • Online
There are many websites where you can teach yourself a different language. There are also companies that run online qualifications so that you will be able to get a qualification while learning at home.

  • Podcasts
There are podcasts that you can download from iTunes where you will be able to learn a language on the go. You may sound a little crazy saying all of the words out loud on the bus though!

  • Books
Get yourself a Spanish book and learn the old fashioned way.
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The translation is "Las flores eran tan dulce como su amor." (The flowers were as sweet as his love)

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