What Does The Surname Maban/ Mabon Mean? Does The Clan Have A Tartan?


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The surname Maban/Maben/Mabon/Meeban/Meeben derives from a very ancient source. Mabon was one of the ancient gods of the British Isles and some scholars have suggested that the folowes of the cult of this god adopted the name. It is more likely that Maban is a form of Mab meaning 'son of' in Welsh. There is a Loch mabon in Dumfrieshire in southern Scotland . The name is now rare in Kirkcudbrighshire but is found in parts of the Scottish Borders, in Edinburgh and Cornwall. It's west coast distribution in the past , suggests seaborne contacts between what is now Cornwall and the Scottish western seaboard.

The Maban tartan is mainly purple and is rarely seen today. members of the Maban family were Burgesses in Kircudrightshire and winners of th Sillers Gun competition in that county.

Since the early 1900's the name has all but disappeared from some areas; this is probably due to girls changing their names on marriage.

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