What Does The Surname Warburton Mean?


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The name Warburton is a boys' name. Although this name is most used as a surname and is very popular as such, it is at times used as a first name too. But its use as a first name is quite rare. Thus, it is primarily considered a last name or a surname.
The Warburton is pronounced as 'wa-rbur-ton, or war-bu-rton'. This name is said to be of Old English origin. This meaning of the name Warburton is "long-standing fortress town". It can be right said that it is a Place name.
Another baby name that also sounds like Warburton is Erberto.
Some other names that sound like Warburton are: Ebert, Elbert, Egbert, Edbert, Roberto and Norberto.
This name is believed to have originated From a township in Cheshire, England which is, spelled in the Doomsday Book Werburghtune. The township was called this because of a monastery situated in this town which was dedicated to St. Werbergh.

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