I Have A Question About The Word Hispanic. Where Did It Originate From And What Is The Meaning?


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I wonder also, how an ancient word for people from Spain now ends up as a "politcally correct" word for Mexicans. If I'm Irish-American or Italian-American or French-American why can't they be called Mexican-Americans. Are they ashamed of their connection with Mexico?
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Hi,     Hispanic has various meanings, such as:
  A) A U.S. Citizen or resident of Latin-American or Spanish origin.  B) A Spanish speaking person.  C) An American whose first language is Spanish.     More about Hispanic and history related to it:

"Pertaining to Spain" (especially ancient Spain) 1584, from L. Hispanicus, from Hispania "Iberian Peninsula," from Hispanus "Spaniard" (see Spaniard). Specific application to Sp.-speaking parts of the New World is 1889, Amer.Eng. esp. Applied since c.1972 to Sp.-speaking persons of Latin American descent living in U.S.     Click here  to read more history related to this word. 

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