What Does The Surname August Mean?


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August is nowadays sometimes used as a given name, mainly for girls. As a given name it is probably a simple borrowing from the month of August, by parents who wanted a new "month" name to go with older month names like June, May and April.

However, the month of August itself is named after the title Augustus, which the Roman Emperor Octavian adopted in 27 BC (ie, Augustus Caesar.) It was also used by a number of his successors. Augustus is a Latin adjective meaning "great" or "magnificent."

The names Augustine and Austin are variants of this (and like August, Austin is often used as a surname.) The earlier feminine form was Augusta, but although this name still exists it is now very rare. The original name Augustus is also nearly extinct now. Its usual short form is Gus.
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The word august, when written with a capital A, is defined as the eighth month of the calendar year. It is the month that follows July and the month that precedes September. August is one of the seven months of the year that have 31 days. It is also said of people who are deeply respected and honoured and is also said of something which is related to or befits a lord.

The last name August is a common last name in Germany and Austria. One of the most well-known personalities who have the last name August include Karl August, whose name is also spelt Carl August. Karl August was born on September 3, 1757. He was the duke of Saxe-Weimar from the year 1758, the duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach from its creation in the year 1809 and the grand-duke from the year 1815 until his death at the age of 70 on June 14, 1828.

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