What Is The Origin Of The Surname Taylor In Ireland?


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Taylor is certainally not a native Irish name.
The name is English in origin , however it does have historic roots in Ireland from at least the C13, being found in Dublin and the south-east from this date.

It is sometimes found as MacTaylor. There is a placename Ballytaylor near Ballymoney .

The name Taylor is found scattered throughout Irland in small numbers and is most commonly found in Ulster.

Historically, It reflects probably English and some Scottish settlement.

Famous Irish persons with hte name were Jeremy Taylor 1613-1667 Protestant Bishop of Down and George Taylor 1716-1781 who was a signatory to the American Declaration of Independance.
One Thomas Taylor went to Ireland with Sir William Petty in 1653, becoming one of the Commissioners of Court Claims. A study of Hearth Rolls from the C17 show that the name was distributed throughout Ireland at that time as a result of incomers settling in Ireland.

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